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Tangerine-State Land Rezoning

Case #: 
Proposed rezoning of a State of Arizona owned property
Upcoming Meeting(s): 

The purpose of the public participation process is to provide a variety of opportunities for neighbors and the general public to learn, discuss and provide feedback on a proposed application. Two standard neighborhood meetings have been held to date and Focus Area Workshops are going to be held over the next three months (Oct. – Dec.). Additional opportunities will be available for the general public following the workshops.

Focus Area Workshops
The purpose of the workshops are to provide immediate neighbors of the property an opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with the applicant to discuss specific impacts the proposal will have on their respective areas.

Four workshops have been scheduled as follows**:

Workshop 1: Camino del Norte/Sky Ranch area – October 30, 2018

Workshop 2: Shannon Rd./South of Tangerine Rd. – November 13, 2018

Workshop 3: Tangerine Crossings/West of Thornydale Rd. – November 27, 2018

Workshop 4: Coyote Crossing Trail/North of Moore Rd. – December 11, 2018

**All workshops will be held at Casas Church (10801 N. La Cholla Blvd.) from 6 – 7:30 p.m.

Several frequently asked questions regarding the workshop process are answered below:

Which workshop is for the area next to me? Click here for focus area map
Who will be able to attend the workshop? The workshop will be open to the public.
What will be the workshop format? The workshop will be specifically focused on discussing impacts and concerns of immediate neighbors in the focus area. The amount of time for “call to the audience” questions for those who do not live in the focus area will be determined upon complete discussion with immediate neighbors.
How will those not in a focus area stay informed? After each workshop, a summary will be posted to the project webpage at
How will neighbors be informed of any proposed changes following the workshops? There will be a large follow-up meeting to review and discuss the workshop discussions and any potential changes to the rezoning application. (A date for this meeting has not yet been determined.)
What are the next steps in the process? Following the public participation process, the application requires consideration by the Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council. (Dates for these public hearings have not yet been determined.)


Proposed rezoning of a State of Arizona owned property comprising approximately 885-acres located north and south of Tangerine Road, bordered by North Coyote Crossing Trail, West Moore Road, North Thornydale Road and Camino del Norte. For more information on previous meetings, please click HERE.

Street(s) Affected or Property Location: 
Located north and south of Tangerine Road, bordered by North Coyote Crossing Trail, West Moore Road, North Thornydale Road and Camino del Norte
Engineer or Property Owner: 
State of Arizona
Town staff contact: 
Constituent Coordinator Jessica Hynd at 520-229-4711 or
Activity Date Range
Focus Group Workshop 4 12/11/18
Focus Group Workshop 3 11/27/18
Focus Group Workshop 2 11/13/18
Focus Group Workshop 1 10/30/18
Neighborhood Meeting 09/20/18
Town Council Public Hearing regarding annexation 09/19/18
Neighborhood Meeting 09/13/18