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Oro Valley Water Utility celebrates one-year anniversary of WaterSmart

September 16, 2019

On September 18, 2018 the Town of Oro Valley implemented WaterSmart, a new online service for Oro Valley Water Utility Customers. One year later, the Town can say it’s been a successful first year for WaterSmart, with over 4,000 accounts registered and almost 6,000 alerts and additional notifications sent to customers regarding abnormally high water use. It may not be surprising that irrigation accounted for 46% of the leaks confirmed by our customers using their WaterSmart tools.

What are our customers saying about WaterSmart?

“Thanks for the alert – it’s a great tool!”
“The leak wasn’t noticeable at first, but WaterSmart alerted me to look in areas that weren’t obvious.”
“Thanks so much for the alert – we’ve been out of town and were unaware of the leak.”

Not sure what WaterSmart is?  WaterSmart is a free online service for Oro Valley Water Utility customers to help them effectively manage their water use and potentially lower monthly water bills. WaterSmart is a third-party software program that detects high water use based on each customer’s individual water use history. These alerts are automatically generated by the system and customers are encouraged to use self-help tools to troubleshoot what might be causing the high water use. Besides irrigation issues, customers have found they left a garden hose running or a toilet was running in the home and they just didn’t hear it.

To set up your WaterSmart account: 

1) Go to
2) Enter your water utility account number, zip code and select Find My Account. 
3) View your hourly water use and set your own water use and bill forecast notifications.
4) Opt in for text, email and phone alerts.

Important:  It is the customer’s responsibility to determine if high water use is still occurring.  The Utility is not responsible for charges incurred by the customer as a result of receiving alert notifications or for any charges for repairs to a customer’s property resulting from leaks.

Have questions?  Please contact Customer Service at 520-229-5000 or Conservation at 520-229-5024.